This is a series of photos i took venturing thru the mysterious and suspected haunted house outside of the CSRA area… enjoy some photos you’ve NEVER seen on the internet until NOW.

Old Dixie Inn/ Grist Mill
Boneville/Bonesville, GA – USA

County: Washington
WebSite: Old Dixie Inn/ Grist Mill Boneville/Bonesville GA

Location Description:

Here is local history that I have researched both on Ancestory. com and Local hours at Thomson library

The Mill and House are actually older than that both date from the Mid 1840’s When a group of investors from Augusta , Headed by a Man Named John Bones built a Dam to back up Emboss Creek there and Constructed the Mill.
The Early Mill was used to Make Cards which were used for spinning cotten into thread.
The Original Mill was a long Low building of Heavy Timber joined with out nails, its remains can still be seen down the hill from the old house.

The House may have been constructed sometime in the late 1840’s or early 1850’s as a residence for the Mill Owners as a small community grew up around the Mill ,named in those days Bonesville
The Mill operated until the Civil war though never as a great success due to its remote location.
I have never heard of slaves being used in the Mill but it is possiable , if so they were rented from local land owners .

In 1872 a new group of investors bought the Mill Property and House and incorporated as the Bonevill Manufacturing Company, they manufactured shoes, dry goods and operated a grist mill as well as opening a company store.
The original Bonevill Post Office was built at this time also and a rail depot.

Bonevill was also at this time a major shipping point on the Georgia RailRoad sending out the good made at the mill and hundreds of Watermelons grown in the area.

The Old House was converted into a Hotel and Boarding house in the 1880’s to serve the Rail passengers. It soon became popular as a weekend getaway for Augustans who came to Picnick and swim in BoneVill Pond.

The Town grew to include Doctors and Bussiness men of all sorts and bosted of fine clothing shops its own Bank and restraunts ,it was a thriving community until the 1920’s when the Rail Depot was discontinued.
The Hard Times of the 1930’s finally closed the mill and Bank and most of the Business closed or moved away.

The House has long been rumored to be haunted , the story is that a despondent Guest at the Hotel once hung himself from the stairway rail,
Ledgend has it that if you stand on the stairway you may feel a hand brush against your cheek or feel someone push past you.
There is no mention in the Thomson Papers of the day of nay such thing ever happening in Bonevill but news coverage was spotty so the story may have some truth to it.

It is hoped that someday the Mill and House may be restored before they are lost forever.

Two men who still haunt this location could be the former owners JJ Morris or Wesley Smith.

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